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Project Commander - Planning and project management software - construction software

What can Project Commander do for the Public Sector Housing?

Minor jobs - own staff

Project Commander has a multi project facility that allows you to schedule multiple jobs and allocate labour resources (and optionally equipment and materials). All tasks can be identified against a job. Using resource cost rates, each task can be costed individually automatically and those costs can be easily summarised at higher levels - such as at the job level right up to the top.

As jobs are completed, the history can be saved (or archived to keep the file size down) and the remaining jobs can be prioritorised and rescheduled and new jobs incorporated into future plans.

As jobs are resourced, the software has several reports - many based around easy to understand graphics. Labour resources can be identified as named individuals or generic names. Individuals can be analysed into Teams or Skill groups. It can show clearly how individual or groups have been allocated or which ones show availability to handle new working coming in on changing priorities.

Individual/Team worksheets
In the short term, resources need to be allocated by name and Project Commander has a flexible filter option that allows you to choose selected information on demand. So you can print a worksheet of jobs for an individual that need to be done in a period (say the next week).

If cost rates are used against resources, then the job's tasks will fully costed and calculate the actual job costs for jobs completed and forecast future costs based on estimates.

All these costs can be summarised up to the required budget levels for management control.

Since Project Commander features low cost unlimited licences and has a free of charge Viewer, anyone with security access will be able to view/enquire/print from the data - even from their home pc - as long as the data is placed on a web facility or using dial-in options.

Minor jobs - external contractors

Where certain jobs or all jobs are contracted out, companies can be scheduled for each job and the best forecast entered until the actual costs can be input from actual invoices.

Major renovations

Project Commander has a very useful copy paste features to allow you to set repetitive programmes across many address. It also has many scheduling aids that allow to move blocks of tasks backwards or forwards in one click along the timescale or to link them to prioritorise/schedule tasks and take into account actual delays and take into account the effect on the future programme.

Major projects

It is possible to import data from other software or to recreate contractor's programmes. By proportioning costs, it is possible to predict spend and report progress in schedule and cost terms.


You can keep unlimited notes on each task/job and this can be viewed or printed out.


PMSC can customise Project Commander for clients and can assist in transferring data in or out from other existing systems.

There is a useful audio visual presentatoin on PowerPoint about the use of Project Commander in the private house building sector and where it's features are much better than any other planning software in the UK.

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