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Project Commander - Planning and project management software - construction software

What can Project Commander do for the Public Sector?


Multiple projects

Project Commander can quickly and easily control multiple projects and provide overall schedule, cost and resource data to help manage single individual projects, programmes and departmental capital and revenue budgets.

Projects can be major large budget jobs or a large number of small activities.

Many organisations, both private and public, are becoming more and more project-centric and the cost of project software can be a limiting factor. Now the fact that the cost of licences for Project Commander is so low, it allows you spread the use of such software that it becomes very cost effective to roll out this solution to everyone that manages projects. In fact many organisations with unlimited licences image all their new pc's with the Project Commander and so gives access to all relevant staff.

Project Commander can consolidate individual project files with a few clicks for files held on a network - this means that files created by different people can be amalgamated together in seconds. This is useful for departments to bring together individually planned into a large summary programme. Once a programme consolidation has been defined, the consolidation can be updated at any time at the touch of a button, even if the project files are being work on.

It has the ability to control multiple projects on one file, so that all tasks are identified to a project and a client. Therefore all the resource and cost information will always be updated using the latest information. However, it is possible to filter tasks using a project or client, to isolate tasks, costs & resources for that criteria. This is useful where you need to control maintenance type or renovation projects.

PMSC are experts in desktop planning and do in fact customise the software to match users requirements and can assist in integrating data into and out of the planning system.

Controlling the project schedule

Project Commander can display 2 bars per task - an Original Plan (Baseline) and an Actual that shows how the project has performed. The actuals can show the actual performance of bars prior to the present date and the forecast to the project end.

Management information and Prince2

In Project Commander there is the ability to place Alert Dates on important tasks, that highlight bad performance and missed targets on projects.

Some basic requirements for Prince 2 are integrated inside Project Commander.

You can incorporate risk duration allowances into overall task durations and these are shown in different colours on the end of a bar. Allied with a Risk Log, the risk time exposure can be linked to particular risks in the Log.

An Issue Log is part of the software and these can be linked to particular bars.

PMSC are developing more Prince2 features during 2007 such as Product Based Planning, Project & Stage Plans and Prince Work Checklists to ensure Project Managers deliver all documentation specific to the project.

Controlling the project cost

Project Commander can spread costs evenly across bar durations or can be placed a milestone symbol and so accrued on a specific date. Costs can be accumulated at the bottom of a chart in the form of a S curve cumulative cost graph and/or showing a periodic cost table - per month or week.

If a Baseline is saved for Original Plan, the graph or periodic cost table
can compare Actual/Forecast costs versus the original Budget.

Costs on tasks can either be ...
1. Entered as a Lump Sum costs and updated manually - as the project changes
2. Entered as Fixed & Variable Costs - so that if a task bar lengthens the forecast cost will rise
3. Analysed across headings of labour, plant/equipment, materials and other costs
4. Costs rates are applied to labour, plant/equipment, materials elements and the costs are calculated automatically

As well as showing as a graph or histogram, costs can be seen on a spreadsheet-like screen - where instead of a bar chart on a timescale, the bars are substituted with money - so that the spread of costs across the time range can be seen clearly. This table can be exported with one click direct into Microsoft Excel for further manipulation if needed.

Controlling the resources

Managing pools of resources - not just labour, but plant, equipment and materials - is difficult without tying them to major projects that consume The fact that the consolidation is so quick and easy, resource analysis allows individual resources to managed in detail and allocated into priority areas.

By controlling the resource plans, means that where are major resource constraints in an organisation, individual projects can be constantly rescheduled to window resource availability.

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